Thursday, March 30, 2006

disgusting piece of blog

with regards to weiqin's (or whatever the hell's his name) blog, i have only one thing to say: i'm disgusted. this person obviously has no respect for the concert band. and neither does he appreciate the fact that music is made by so many entities from all over the world, in many different 'shapes and sizes'. so what if he appreciates Mozart and Tchaikovsky? i'd say he's an amateur trying too hard to be sophisticated. and he even got our title wrong. wind orchestra? hah. joke, joke of the year.

eh dude, so what if u play the piano? so what if u love classical music? you have no respect for other forms of music. u claim that u love music, but without respect for other forms, u're just stepping on your own foot. my, let me do it instead. i'll make sure ur foot breaks.

one thing he did say right is that we're too loud. off balanced would be more precise. i do not agree that having huge sections is a negative thing. but having sections playing too loudly is indeed bad. we can ignore most of his horrible and insensitive comments but let's really put in some effort to maintain good balance. and shut these stupid amateurs up with good sound.

meanwhile, i'll get someone to find out his address. blanket party, anyone?

Ian :D

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