Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photos from The Mind Cafe Outing!

Hey guys, we jus had an outing to The Mind Cafe @ Boat Quay! Sad to say last minute people couldnt come. That left 5 souls playing and savoring the many-ice-cream-that-came-with-the-nice-desserts-which-put-together-can-be-simulated-as-a-poor-rendition-of-swensen's Earth Quake

ok, some pictures!

This is the carrot cake we ordered

This is the drink I ordered... Spicy Peach Latte or sth liddat.. (got peach meh?)

Going Nuts...

ARX and his Nuts Craze

The Game of life

The winner of the game was Hui Shan and together she had 4 kids!!!

We actually took alot of games... but in the end we jus played game of life and another game which was quite easy called Zeus or wad...

Hey u guys really missed it manz... haha!

So when is the next outing? ;)

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