Sunday, May 06, 2007

trumpets + cornet dinner

had our section dinner yesterday at suntec's swensens.
with 140 bucks worth of cash vouchers.

"we can split the dinner in 2, cuz we can't possibly spend all of the 140 bucks in one dinner right? - yanting

"but we sure will exceed the vouchers' amount." - xuanzhi
"aiya, nvm de lar. it's still uite worth it paying 5 dollars for such a meal ma..." - ben

and so, we started ordering. our order list include:

calamaris (x2)
fried mushrooms (x2)

main course:
breaded chicken (x1)
fish and chips (x1)
ribeye steak (x4) - 1 med, 2 med well, 1 med rare.

choc malt (x1)
some choc promo (x1)
some berry (x1)
sticky chewy choc (x3)

snapshots taken during dinner:

elmo acting weird when his breaded chicken is not being served.

our desserts. yummy sticky chewy!

and the bill came up to:

kudos to ben, the rich kid!
we need not fork out a single cent for the additional 65.01 bucks.

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