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December 2015 Recap!

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.      -- Michael Althsuler

Hi everyone! I hope that you guys had an enjoyable break, albeit short. It has indeed been some time since the last update and today’s post will be a coverage of the latest NUSWS events as well as an insight on the recent WBAS Youth Band Festival that happened in December!

1. Prof Ho Ho Ho’s Christmas Party

Since time immemorial, Christmas has been the season of not only giving but spending quality time with family members. This year, Prof Ho kindly invited NUSWS to his house for the first NUSWS Christmas Party. :)

 Group picture @ Prof Ho’s humble abode.
(Some people did not follow the dress code!! :O) 
 Prof Ho and Guoli’s Gift Exchange

 After the first round of feasting!

 Spotted: Jeffery with Prof Ho! 
The NUSWS family remains connected and
 we welcome Alumni members back to play with us!

 After the second round of feasting! 
Special thanks to Mohli for bringing over more food!

2. NUSWS Band Camp 2016

To start of 2016, NUSWS members were invited to return for a 3D2N camp (that includes a steamboat dinner!!) in preparation for InTempo 2016. This recent band camp also focused on the fundamentals of ensemble playing. Masterclasses held by section tutors prepared both the Wind and Brass Ensemble for their mini showcase on the last day of the camp. Before this turns into a mini thesis, I shall let the pictures do the explanation!

 Day 1: After a round of ice-breakers and getting to know the new members :)

Day 1: Forfeit: 1 minute ZUMBA dance! 
Who knew that we had closet dancers in our midst. ;) 

Day 2: Games!
A Physicist's wild imagination led him to deduce that the picture depicted the Eiffel Tower.

Day 2: GAMES!!
Our two teams were in the heat of a competition when we snapped this photograph!

Day 2: WS1101E: History of Singapore’s Wind Bands
Lecturers: Mr Lam and Ms Xu

One look and one will know how satisfied our members are after the steamboat dinner. YUM! :P

3. WBAS Youth Band Festival

Besides the NUSWS events that took place, the Wind Bands Association of Singapore (WBAS) organized their 3rd Youth Band Festival in December at NUS! A few of our members volunteered their time as chaperones to the participants and helped out with the logistic matters. The volunteers worked with participants aged between 11-19 and managed their welfare while concurrently helping out with logistics and ensuring smooth movement. The highlight of the Band Festival was their performance on 17th December at Esplanade. This performance featured gimmicks and sing-a-longs with the Junior Band as well as a guest showcase by Windstars Ensemble! 

Day 1: WBAS 2015 T-Shirt

  Day 1: Intermediate Band with their Chaperones 

The boisterous and chirpy Junior Band preparing for their Pop Medley performance!

 Try to spot our NUSWS members! :)

Phoebe and Haseena with two French Horn girls in Junior Band! :)

Take a look at Bo Jun managing the game station!
Doesn't this game look familiar?
With reference to the quote at the beginning of the post, time will indeed fly past us yet again. This semester marks the coming to an end for our Year 4 seniors, the start of preparation for InTempo as well as the beginning of the chase for CAP 5.0! Do remember to keep yourself hydrated and get enough rest for the journey ahead is long but it will be rewarding! See you guys during Tutti! :)

Photo Credit: Xu Yuting


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