Monday, May 01, 2006

I am a growing a glorious garden

[Jack Prelutsky]

I am growing a glorious garden,<>
Resplendent with trumpet and flutes,

I’m pruning euphonium bushes,

I am watering piccolo shoots,
my tubas and tambourines flourish,
Surrounded by saxophone reeds,

I am planting trombones and pianos,

And sowing sweet sousaphone seeds.

I have cymbals galore in my garden,
<>Staid oboes in orderly rows,
There are flowering fifes and violas
In the glade where the glockenspiel grows,

There are gongs and guitars in abundance,

There are violins high in the vine,

An arbor of harps by the bower

Where the cellos and clarinets twine.

My bassoons are beginning to blossom,

As my zithers and mandolins bloom,

My castanets happily chatter,

My kettledrums merrily boom,

The banjos that branch by the bugles

Play counterpoint with a kazoo,

Come visit my glorious garden
And hear it play music for you.

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