Tuesday, May 02, 2006

InTempo 2006.5

NUSWS Presents InTempo 2006.5 Accelerandoed


Out of the Darkness, Into the Light
Saga Candida


The Speech of Angels
MozardMozart Pops Symphony
Fourth Symphony

Attached below is the concert poster.



|MoNoChRoMe|~ said...

InTempo 2006.5 in VCH concert hall!!! $10 stall and circle!!!

(talk until like real lidat)

tinywingz said...

Nickie doesn't know how to spell 'Mozart'!
Haha where's "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves"?

firdaus said...

nick! take over my post! haha

yokes said...

eh since when i become yokey already arh...eeeksss xiaoxuan.. ur fault larh... i prefer yokes. heh

tinywingz said...

Yokey sounds like Yoke Khee. So ingenius! *so proud of myself*
Yokey Yokei Yoki Yokie

tinywingz said...

Hehehe what's Accelerando-ed? Accelerated? So lame... Rallantando Ritard! Ritard is the word man :D

|MoNoChRoMe|~ said...

eh i tink the repertoire is good. i like those stephen melilo's songs. we already have godspeed and 4th symph liaoz. and saga candida can loan from NJ :p hehe... *hint hint* the sequence is quite well planned :p

Cloud said...

Sigh.. That's what you get for ending exams early.. Wauhaha..

Nick said...

wahahaha u see, I've done the job of two ppl already :P:P

concert master dun need to plan repertoire already, pub officer dun need to make poster already


Firdaus: I did 1/2 pub in 04 committee :P

ianlum said...

BO LIAOZ!!!!!!!
eat banana lah!!!!!!!