Sunday, April 16, 2006

after reading all the stuff about SYF..n chinese high..n after seeing xx's blog about dhssb..
i realise i miss rgssb :(
unexplainable feeling
that will never come back again once gone.
unexplainable love
that will never leave no matter how long . :)


Cloud said...

Yeah, i think the most memorable part of our sec sch days will definitely include band.. I miss my old times too.. though had to do push ups like every other days..

Verce said...

Fwah! I can see Yvonne in that pic!
Still looks so chio!

tommyong said...

I must say you have power eyesight.

Cloud said...

HAHAHAA..... after reading tommy's commment, I just can't stop laughing.. HAHAA!!!!

Verce said...

Yea I copy & pasted the pic in photoshop & magnify it.

God. Her eyes still looked so lovely.

tinywingz said...
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