Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Study hard for a better tommorow

I am going to throw away the alarm clock.
It woke me up @ the wrong time.

Some late nite contributions...

I realised I posted in the wrong blog for the following clip,
1/2 way while doing the entry just now in the evening.
Had wanted to post in another blog.
But nvm... went ahead with it.
Early nitez all~~~ =)

I shan't say much.

This is a very sad clip.
I wept for him over dinner.

NUS student checked his results online,
& realised he did not get cap 5 for the semester.

For a moment I thought his favourite porn star died or something.


Cloud said...

It's in german! Get siwei to translate or sth.. he speaks too fast for me.. hahaha!!

RongC said...

AFter one week in intensive brain-cracking and typewriting, I realised that the best way to wake up at the right time in the morning is.....

Don't sleep.


(I'm losing it, I know...)

Verce said...

Oh that's German? Haha interesting.

RongC, I like your blogger pic. Machiam kena tekan-ed by your gf to throw away the plastic bag rubbish.

RongC said...

Haha tHanks =D

Was taken in EL Hons Room after our Yusheng gathering; posing as the tired cleaner who's cleaning up the mess (Actually not that tiring)...