Monday, April 03, 2006


U guys know it.

Derek is my best junior.
I made him do the most push-ups back then.
And I felt a great sense of satisfaction.
Because those 200 push-ups changed his life for the better ever since.

2 nites ago I dreamt of Derek.

Last nite I dream of Derek again.

That woke me up in cold sweat.
Instead of refreshing
like what some crazy pple have been doing @ 3am 4am,
I checked out this site after reading RongC's blog.

I placed Derek's photo.
He looks damn manly with his golden tuba.
I bet this pic will turn any girl on.

So Derek shares the same facial features as that guy.

Wah lau really resembles a lil'.

Aww LeonDerek Lai....

Sing me 甜密密 pls.

I'm willing to ride on your bicycle.

Let's take a tour around NUS,
everytime before band pract starts.



Nick said...

U noe this is so mr-V.... haha

RongC said...

AH.... this smells like...

Kent Ridge Hill.

(If you smell what I'm cooking...)

Verce said...

Oops paiseh arh all paiseh paiseh. Suddenly I feel like writing... and I just cant stop my fingers.

RongC said...

Hehe, no need paiseh.

It's actually a nice read, especially during this period of the semester - light and yet a great stress-reliever.

babyhorn said...

so brokeback... haha...