Monday, April 17, 2006


Haha.. I realised that some don't know about this.. So might as well blog about it. So that all can see too!

The SINDA gig. Here's the details.

Event : Volunteers' Tea 2006

Date: 21st May 2006 (Sunday)

Venue : Suntec City, Convention Centre

Time: Performance would be anytime between 3- 4.30 pm

We are looking out for :

Item: NUS Winds Symphony performance

No. of Performers: min 10 to max 30 (Formal attire, the InTempo one, except guys no need wear blazer).

Duration: 5 - 10 minutes ( Please let us know of the more appropriate
timing for you)

Theme of Item: On the spirit of volunteerism & on the spirit of giving (confirmed "That's what friends are for" and "Stand by me").

Note: It's not confirmed yet. Just to let you all know only....


Ok, got one more, Commencement.

Commencement C1, 6 July
OCR has confirmed NUS Wind Symphony to play the fannfares and pieces before C1 just like they do every year. Fanfare is for Honorary Graduand and President Nathan. The former is going to be a very high profile person so a bomb sweep and pre-dawn arrival of WS might be in order that day.

I have already communicated to them that a platform and tentage with fans must be set up at the driveway (remind students to bring clips for their scores or the fans will make the scores fly).

Reporting time to be confirmed as there might be bomb sweep in the morning which means the students need to come in much earlier ( we will reimburse them cab fare if so)

WS to confirm no of chairs/music stands/conductor's stand and platform and arrange for transport. Double confirm with BH if Tony will be given an honorarium.

-Ms Tara Beh Shu-Sienn

Yeah, just to keep you all updated!

Study hard ah, everyone!


RongC said...

I wanna play for Commencement can? ;)

tinywingz said...

SINDA gig no need so formal can? :(

Cloud said...

Hahhaa... RC, can, if you not walking on that day.. Hhahaa!!

tinywingz.. cannot leh.. we don't decide the attire.. it's in suntec, with guest of honour possibly President Nathan.. we can't possibly wear band tee and jeans again leh.. especially when everyone wears suits and gowns..

tinywingz said...
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tinywingz said...

girls dont wear gowns lah wear back shirt and pants can or not? like the perc and lower brass girls. play 2 songs only wear so formal :(

RongC said...

walking? walk wat? haha.... or you mean working wor...

anyway, its the first time USP grads having Commencement separately from their FAc/depts... Hope to catch my fren and take pic with her...

Cloud said...

Eh, walking.. literally.. like, walking to take ur degree.. hahaha.. coz u grad wad!

RongC said...


First day normally reserved for BIG shots and those Doctorates lah...

FASS usually quite behind de.

Hmmm can the band come and play on the 10th July 10am session? :p